The Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion Review

Perfect tanning can decide whether you will have an excellent summer day or an irritating one. Our Australian gold dark tanning accelerator lotion review is your best option whether this is right for you or not.

Tested and certified by FDA and COLIPA, the Australian Gold Accelerator is one of the finest tanning lotions you can find.

It gives you the perfect base tan dark shade while ensuring soft and smooth skin. This lotion is ideal for almost all kinds of skin types and offers the perfect shade without any kind of burning or tingling.

Also, unlike most other tanning lotions, this product doesn’t contain a bronzer. So, you don’t have to worry about your skin getting orange.

The fruity fragrance you will get upon opening the bottle is everything you need to fall in love with the lotion. The cream is not sticky or oily and can be applied very easily.

After the tanning session, you will get moisturized smooth skin – that kind of skin that everyone dreams of!

Also, you might enjoy the fresh smell and glowing skin after the process. This lotion will turn your skin both golden and bronzed perfectly in a very short time.

The lotion is also compatible with a tanning bed and it works great outdoors too. While tanning can be a little bit expensive process, this is one of the cheapest yet the most perfect tanning lotions on the market.

Now, you don’t have to count your savings to look beautiful and glowing!

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Features Of Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

  • The lotion contains a mixture of organic natural oils taken from plants and herbs, especially found only in Australia that helps to moisturize and enhance your skin.
  • The special formula of the lotion helps the melanin-producing cells to get active and start producing UV protection pigments.
  • The lotion is made of an incredibly efficient natural bronzing complex.
  • It contains the Australian Gold’s Biosine complex, Vitamin A, and E which prevents possible cellular damage from UV rays.
  • The lotion is effective in preventing any kind of tannin-related dehydration and irritation.

Sun Protection

The Australian Gold Accelerator is one of the very few tanning lotions that care about your skin’s sun protection.

The special formula used in the lotion containing Australian Gold’s Biosine complex, Vitamin A, and E is ideal against direct the Uvray.

This product is one of the best outdoor tanning lotions that make your outing as pleasant as possible with soft and glowing skin.

With 25 years of experience, the Australian Gold claims of their products offering unsurpassed sun protection and it’s true!

The product allows you to do anything to enjoy your summer days. Whether it’s surfing n your favourite beach or walking your dog to the park, this lotion ensures a fun outing.

However, the product doesn’t come with any sunscreen and doesn’t provide protection from sunburn. While you will be ok at first, but regular exposure to the sun might cause damages to your skin.

So, it’s recommended to apply sunscreen before you totally reveal yourself to the sun.

No Orange skin

Since you already know that the lotion isn’t any regular bronzer. So, there is no chance of your skin or hands getting orange colours. Rather the lotion provides the perfect dark golden tone with moisturized and smooth skin.


You already know how the lotion gives you the perfect tan with soft and moisturizing skin. However, the lotion is also excellent for sensitive skin.

It’s a gentle product with a medium texture, no greasy feeling, no oily skin. The exclusive Biosine complex includes provides extra miniaturization to the skin.


The sweet and marvellous fragrance will always make your day. They call the smell “Cocoa Dream”. However, many people felt it to be an orange cream Take a deep breath and feel the smell, you will be in paradise in no time!

Accelerator vs Bronzer

An accelerator is always recommended rather than a bronzer. Now, there’s a couple of points to prove that sentence. Firstly, an accelerator provides a natural yet deeper tone and helps melanin formation to quicken the tanning procedure.

Bronzers and accelerators have kind of the same moisturizers. But Bronzers contain DHA which is responsible for your skin and palms turning orange. So, if you think about all the facts, an accelerator is much better.


  • Gives you a perfect and rich bronzed tan
  • The “Cocoa dreams” will make you feel like heaven
  • Your skin gets a golden glow
  • No bronzing agents, no colors
  • Is gently rubbed and ensures a soft and smooth skin
  • Provides necessary nutrients to the skin and helps with hydration
  • Works greatly outside and gives full sun protection
  • You can use it every day
  • Helpful for beginner tanners


  • Not water-resistant.
  • You have to reapply after getting in the water.
  • Having a base tan is recommended before applying this lotion

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it on the beach?

Of course you can. The Australian gold accelerator lotion provides full sun protection so that you can enjoy your summer days.

But do remember that the lotion does not contain any sunscreen. So, applying additional sunscreen is recommended unless you want to get sunburned. Also, the lotion is quite light and requires reapplying very often.

Is this a tanning lotion or something used to “accelerate” the tan?

The product is both a tanning lotion and a tanning accelerator at the same time. While it gives you a perfect darken golden tan, the formula of the lotion helps the melanin formation to accelerate the tanning process. So, you get two benefits by buying just one lotion.

Is this waterproof?

No, unfortunately, this lotion is not waterproof and will wear off immediately in a touch of water. So, you have to reapply if you get in contact with the water.

Will this be useful on fair skin?

Of course! The lotion suits almost every kind of skins. So, even if you are fair-skinned, you will get a perfect dark bronze colour by using the lotion.

Does this protect tattoos?

Unfortunately, no. The lotion doesn’t come with any kind of tattoo protection just like most other lotions.

Can I use my hands to apply the lotion?

Since the lotion doesn’t contain any bronzers, you don’t have to worry about your hands getting oily or orange colour.

So, you are free to use your hands while applying the lotion. However, you can also use a tanning mitt in case you are feeling uneasy to use your hands.

Final Thoughts

If you ask me, I totally recommend using this tanning lotion. Whether you choose to be lying on a tanning bed or want to go sunbathing, this Australian gold tanning accelerator will give your skin a perfect natural dark colour. You can be totally assured that this product is never going to let you down!

Another amazing thing is that the company is totally cruelty-free. With all their amazing products and features, they never used animals for testing.

The tanning lotion is ideal for outdoor and fun programs. But don’t forget to build a base tan first! Also, do remember that the lotion doesn’t come with sunscreen.

So do apply some sunscreen before going out. After you are done with the process, all you have to do is sit wherever you want and feel the heavenly scent in your heart!

You can be relaxed knowing that the lotion is working to keep your skin healthy and hydrating. So, there goes our Australian gold dark tanning accelerator lotion review.

We have tried to cover all the possible topics related to the lotion. Hope you found it useful and figured out whether you need this or not.

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